The Power of Stopping

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

I kept thinking I had forgotten something. You know that nagging feeling that something important is not getting done. Check the oven. No, it’s off. Pick up my phone. Nothing on the calendar. No waiting messages. Self-doubt and anxiety were disrupting my normal existence and interfered with my quality of life.

I decided that I needed to stop.

I stopped doubting myself. I stopped giving space in my head to the words that tell my soul that I am not good enough. I stopped trying to be all that I could be in a world that didn’t care about me.

I stopped worrying if my writing, my work, my effort was acceptable to the masses. I stopped caring about the masses.

I stopped looking for answers where there weren’t any to be found. I stopped looking for advice that I did not need. I stopped reading countless how to do this life of a writer. I stopped ignoring my gut responses and my soul whispers.

I stopped worrying about marketing my writing and finding readers. What do the readers want anyway?

I stopped going going going and I gave myself permission to be still. I gave my mind room to stop and rest.

I stopped.

The power of stopping is found in the refocusing of yourself. The power of stopping forces you to focus on the truth.

~Lori O’Gara

Thank you for your time. You can see more of my writing here.

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