I Can’t Be the Only Girl Who Does This.

“woman in red polka-dot dress standing in the middle of grass field during daytime” by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Am I weird? I do some things that I can’t imagine I am the only girl who does it. I sometimes…

say things without thinking.

put random ingredients together and bake it.

go down long Pinterest search holes for hours on end.

fill online shopping carts with clothes, art, pillows, dice, and other unrelated things, just to delete them or put them on wish lists and never buy them.

google myself.

dance and sing…alone.

walk around the house nude because I can.

cry in the shower so my children can’t see it.

laugh in the silence to things in my head.

watch children’s movies and cartoons eating cereal when my kids are not awake yet or late at night when everyone is sleeping.

line up my shoes so I can look at them knowing I only wear two pair.

unbend paper clips.

prefer to write in pencil.

forget to pray.

feel guilty for forgetting to pray.

often eat one thing at a time on a plate where food can not touch.

say I love you to my family when they expect me to say something else.

miss my life before I was born.

~Lori O’Gara

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