Tired…so Tired

I am so tired. I am tired of grand events, parties, drinking Mojito’s on the beach, shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, sitting in the cafe’ writing the next big thing, watching the sunset over Key West with my girls and…oh wait that is not my life. I go to work every day andContinue reading “Tired…so Tired”

Feel Free to Cause a Disturbance

Yes, art in all forms should make the person experiencing it feels pure raw emotion. It makes no difference if the art is visual, audible or sensory. To create feelings in humans is the sole purpose of art. When an observer looks at a painting, reads a story, or looks at a sculpture, you takeContinue reading “Feel Free to Cause a Disturbance”

I hate to Tell this, but You are Not Special, Your Story Is

Every best selling or successful author you can think of started out just like us. Just a person in front of a blank page with an idea and a desire to tell a story. I am so sorry to tell you this but you are not special. I know all the amazing affirmations on socialContinue reading “I hate to Tell this, but You are Not Special, Your Story Is”

You Know this is True, Right?

Do you see this man? You know him. We all know him. Did he pop out of his mother with all of us knowing him, sending flowers, balloons and congratulation cards? No. Unless you did know his mom and well lucky you. He worked hard for what he accomplished or he placed himself at theContinue reading “You Know this is True, Right?”

The Harsh Truth of an Indie Author

You will not sell books… or you might sell books. Just not in the quantities you dream of selling. A couple dozen one month and maybe three the next, or zero the next. You will not become the best selling author your first year…or your second year…or your third year. Your family and sometimes noseyContinue reading “The Harsh Truth of an Indie Author”

Characters Demand to Be heard

I have been writing all my life. Yes, all my life, in my head creating characters, worlds and plot lines. Back then I called in pretending. Once I learned the words and how to write them I wrote on paper with fat pencils. I began self-publishing what I wrote in the early ’90s with aContinue reading “Characters Demand to Be heard”

The Art of Story Telling

Story telling is not just limited to books and movies. Stories infiltrate our life in thousands of ways. Often we are either the story teller or the story receiver and we do not realize that we are engaged in the act of storytelling. Kids are expert story tellers, so are Grandparents when they share familyContinue reading “The Art of Story Telling”

Snail Mail is Worth the Wait

or what happened to authentic communication? Communication throughout history has been about sharing. Methods have changed, but the goal is always the same. To get words and ideas from one human to another human. In our modern society in spite of the fact that we have so many different ways to communicate, the quantity ofContinue reading “Snail Mail is Worth the Wait”

Write in the Dark

I have been struggling with the dark. I can’t seem to get this cloud of darkness that is lurking around, following me, to dissipate. It is depressing and contagious. I caught it from someone else. It has fear and worry at its core. It is sucking the life out of people I love and isContinue reading “Write in the Dark”