Not All Women Have a Best Friend

When you put all you have into your BFF relationship and it fails, how do you move on? In middle and high school, we are taught by other girls in life, we’re required to have a best friend. We are told that even if we do something horrible, our best friend will be by our side.Continue reading “Not All Women Have a Best Friend”

I decided to Trust My Husband

I know it seems that trust is supposed to be automatic. We see a new couple who appear happy and in love at the beginning of a marriage. They have a bright wide-open future in front of them. They say the words and we pray for them as they start a new life together. WeContinue reading “I decided to Trust My Husband”

I need a Miracle

“woman in white top laying on flowers” by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash God is the master of small quiet water to wine miracles and large parting the sea miracles. I have heard it said that miracles can be tiny results to everyday prayers. That the miraculous isn’t always the big things like someone surviving a autoContinue reading “I need a Miracle”

Relationship Suicide

Of all the things I know to be true, I know that a committed relationship whether you call yourself married or not can be a delicate thing at times. At other times it is strong enough to fool yourself into thinking that your relationship is indomitable. No relationship is immortal, married or not. Marriage givesContinue reading “Relationship Suicide”

A Lot of People Say It.

but do they mean it? Photo by Pixabay on I hear and see this on social media all the time, he/she is my best friend. Sometimes they are talking about a friend they have known a long time Sometimes they are talking about a person they are involved within a romantic relationship. That personContinue reading “A Lot of People Say It.”