Stop Hiding Behind Rules

Your soul is suffering for it. Life on this planet requires rules and I like rules. I like the consistency of knowing that I can do anything I want or not. If I choose to not follow a rule, the consequences are known. If I speed and get a ticket, I pay a fine. SimpleContinue reading “Stop Hiding Behind Rules”

You Do Not Have to Suffer

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash Life is a struggle. Will you have pain? Yes, that is true. However, there is so much more to life. We, humans, share joy as well as pain. There are happiness and sadness that happens. We learn from all of it. I saw a quote that made me shake myContinue reading “You Do Not Have to Suffer”

What are the Pieces of You?

Painting by Pammy (Art by Pammy) We, humans, are made of many pieces. We are multifaceted creatures physically, emotionally and spiritually. Humans have a physical body that houses their souls. You have a human body, you are a soul. Where were you when you learned you are a soul? For me, it was not in church thoughContinue reading “What are the Pieces of You?”

Why do you read Fiction?

There have been countless studies conducted as to why we humans read fiction. I am not going to talk to you about any of those. I could quote stats to you all day long, I am a librarian. Librarians love statistics. I am, against my nature, not going to quote any reading stats. If youContinue reading “Why do you read Fiction?”