Motherhood, Round Two

The challenges of being a mother of teens when you are close to retirement are beautifully terrifying. Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash I am a second time around mom. I have a grown daughter and I been a stepmom too. Four years ago I married a man who waited until his mid-thirties to have children.Continue reading “Motherhood, Round Two”

Kids These Days

Every generation has its version of this complaint. For my grandparents, it was, “Kids these days don’t know what love is” when my parents were part of the free love hippie sixties. For my mom and dad, it was, “Fashion? We had to wear homemade clothes. Music? We had to listen to one radio station.Continue reading “Kids These Days”

Do You Miss Being a Kid?

Facebook Fodder I wonder how many of us really miss being a kid. If we look at what it is that we really miss and compare it to our daily lives, maybe it isn’t being a kid that we miss. Sure, for most of us childhood was a mixture of fun and worry. I hadContinue reading “Do You Miss Being a Kid?”

A Step Mother’s Manifesto

This is in part a public promise to my family and a soapbox stand for anyone who wants the right to love your spouse’s children. Why is it that the stepmother is portrayed as the evil one in the fairy tale? That is often the furthest from the truth of reality. Most stepmothers want onlyContinue reading “A Step Mother’s Manifesto”

Life is about Cupcakes

and cookies. How did you spend your weekend? Did you go out and party? I spent Friday night baking cupcakes. I love to bake. I am not an expert at all. My cakes and pies often come out looking ugly. Cookies always come out perfect. I have a talent for chocolate chip and peanut betterContinue reading “Life is about Cupcakes”

Forget Barbie. Get Your Kid a Fandom.

What are we teaching our kids? I know you have heard it all before. The lies in the media are teaching our sons and daughters that if they do not reach perfection they are not worthy of love and happiness. For years the mantra was that the airbrushed pictures in magazines and advertising were teachingContinue reading “Forget Barbie. Get Your Kid a Fandom.”