How to Affair Proof Your Marriage

and it is easier than you realize. I have read so many articles claiming how difficult it is to be married and how much work it is to stay committed. I have read that there is no such thing as an infallible marriage. They are correct; however, I can tell you that it is possibleContinue reading “How to Affair Proof Your Marriage”

Why I don’t Use a Pen Name

There are several legitimate reasons to use a pen name. Let me say upfront, I am not criticizing the reasons other writers choose to use a pen name. You probably know the reasons, there are many. The two biggest ones are to protect a writer’s family and freedom or embarrassment. I hear things that goContinue reading “Why I don’t Use a Pen Name”

What I Want to Say

or maybe I shouldn’t say… Here is a list of things I want to say…maybe I shouldn’t say them. Come on! I know there are things you wish you could just say sometimes and don’t for whatever reason….right? I am not the only one….I can’t be…Well anyway, here it goes… I am so tired ofContinue reading “What I Want to Say”

Open Mic at the Cafe’

“Excuse me”, the writer says as she steps up on a wooden soapbox and taps the microphone. “I have something to say.” Clearing her throat, she begins to speak her peace: “It really kills me when people who cannot talk to others face to face use the computer to voice their opinions. If you canContinue reading “Open Mic at the Cafe’”