I don’t know how much money my husband has…

and I like it that way. It is true. I have no clue what my husband has in his bank accounts. I do not know the amount of his monthly income or investments. I know that he has enough money to cover his monthly obligations and keep us, along with my income, in the lifestyleContinue reading “I don’t know how much money my husband has…”

Do You Miss Being a Kid?

Facebook Fodder I wonder how many of us really miss being a kid. If we look at what it is that we really miss and compare it to our daily lives, maybe it isn’t being a kid that we miss. Sure, for most of us childhood was a mixture of fun and worry. I hadContinue reading “Do You Miss Being a Kid?”

I Can’t Be the Only Girl Who Does This.

Am I weird? I do some things that I can’t imagine I am the only girl who does it. I sometimes… say things without thinking. put random ingredients together and bake it. go down long Pinterest search holes for hours on end. fill online shopping carts with clothes, art, pillows, dice, and other unrelated things,Continue reading “I Can’t Be the Only Girl Who Does This.”

Don’t Apologize for Being Happy

“green coconut tree during daytime” by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash I have an amazing life. It is full of love and happiness. No I am not wealthy. I often have very little in my checking account. I am not famous, at least not yet, however, I keep writing what I want to write. I live inContinue reading “Don’t Apologize for Being Happy”

Don’t Break the Spell

“green leaves and gray spoon” by Nathalie Jolie on Unsplash I was being lazy laying in the afternoon sun streaming through the window as a house cat stretched across my comfy bed. I found myself in one of those surreal moments between dreaming and awake. I tried to force my brain to stay there. I couldContinue reading “Don’t Break the Spell”

The Prince Charming Myth

Why is it that wives/girlfriends expect their husbands/boyfriends to be like Prince Charming? Romantic, gallant and faultless. Instead of comparing him to some unrealistic standard appreciate your man for who he really is. If he likes to play video games instead of sweet talking you into a kiss, don’t nag him to spend time withContinue reading “The Prince Charming Myth”