Dear Lord…make it stop.

Me: Oh God! What is wrong with people? What is happening to my children? This world is full of people who have twisted reality so much that the truth is hidden. What seems harmless is damaging the thought process of our children. Truth has been watered down so much that lies have taken control. TheContinue reading “Dear Lord…make it stop.”

Arguing with God- Pt 1

God: I need you to do this thing. Me: (whining) There has to be someone more qualified than me to do this thing. God: No, you are the one. Me. (again…whining) but why? I don’t want to. God: You can choose not to do it, but the consequences are my choice. Me: ugh….(stomps foot) noContinue reading “Arguing with God- Pt 1”

It’s All Make Believe

Think about all you know about religion. Not any one particular denomination, church, ideology or dogma. They are all the same in the foundation of what you see in the practices and beliefs. All religions, faiths and spiritual paths are all myth to someone and truth to a different someone else. All beliefs have certainContinue reading “It’s All Make Believe”

I Long for the Day

“selective focus photography of leaves” by Andrei Lazarev on Unsplash I long for the day when the response to the question, “Are you a Christian?” Is not met with preconceived assumptions in a loaded, “Oh”. Until that day let me fill you in on a little something, Not all Christians are alike. Not all common ChristianContinue reading “I Long for the Day”

I need a Miracle

“woman in white top laying on flowers” by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash God is the master of small quiet water to wine miracles and large parting the sea miracles. I have heard it said that miracles can be tiny results to everyday prayers. That the miraculous isn’t always the big things like someone surviving a autoContinue reading “I need a Miracle”

The Final Frontier

Captain James Tiberius Kirk was wrong. Space is not the final frontier. Time is the final frontier to explore. It is impossible to explore time without investigating space, but that is not what I am talking about here. Let’s look at time as a measurement of our existence. We, humans, view time from our meagerContinue reading “The Final Frontier”

Create With Light

“Create what sets your heart on fire, and it will illuminate the path ahead.” ~Unknown Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash Light is what allows us to understand the world we live in. The detection of light is a powerful tool for probing the universe. It is through the study of light that we can understandContinue reading “Create With Light”