My Husband is Addicted to Plastic

and it’s not what you think. I hear wives complain about how their husbands spend so much time and money on hobbies. They whine about what husbands buy that clutters up their homes. Then when the husband creates a man cave to store his stuff they complain that he is always out in the garage.Continue reading “My Husband is Addicted to Plastic”

If He loves Me He Would…

My husband and I are avid gamers. Not video games, but tabletop games, yes the ones with dice, miniature characters of plastic and gasp! There are books involved! I am always amazed when at the game store where we play or sitting around our game table with friends I hear, “I can’t stay long, myContinue reading “If He loves Me He Would…”

Adults Can Pretend Too

or How to retain your childhood imagination. See this girl? Yeah, that one in the picture. She is my alter ego. Her name is Charlotte. She is tough and innocent, soft and fearless. She is everything I am not in real life. To me, to my imagination she is real. Do you remember what itContinue reading “Adults Can Pretend Too”