Not All Women Have a Best Friend

When you put all you have into your BFF relationship and it fails, how do you move on? In middle and high school, we are taught by other girls in life, we’re required to have a best friend. We are told that even if we do something horrible, our best friend will be by our side.Continue reading “Not All Women Have a Best Friend”

2 a.m. Friends

“We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendships can we create the illusion for the moment, that we’re not alone”~ Orson Welles “black and brown rotary phone near gray wall” by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash Who are your real friends? One way to find out who your realContinue reading “2 a.m. Friends”

A Lot of People Say It.

but do they mean it? Photo by Pixabay on I hear and see this on social media all the time, he/she is my best friend. Sometimes they are talking about a friend they have known a long time Sometimes they are talking about a person they are involved within a romantic relationship. That personContinue reading “A Lot of People Say It.”