Your Stomach Rules

Yes your heart and mind are the primary driving forces in your life. It’s a balance between logic, intuition, faith, love and trust. You make decisions on the information from the mind and heart in a dance of thoughts and ideas. You might think that is how you get through life and it is forContinue reading “Your Stomach Rules”

Life is about Cupcakes

and cookies. How did you spend your weekend? Did you go out and party? I spent Friday night baking cupcakes. I love to bake. I am not an expert at all. My cakes and pies often come out looking ugly. Cookies always come out perfect. I have a talent for chocolate chip and peanut betterContinue reading “Life is about Cupcakes”

Enough with the Pumpkin Spice

Can we try something new? Oh, the weather is getting cooler and the Pumpkin Spice fanatics are starting to beat their drums. I like fall too, however, all this pumpkin spice everything is getting ridiculous. Don’t y’all think this marketing ploy has run it’s course already? The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is 15 years oldContinue reading “Enough with the Pumpkin Spice”