Dear Lord…make it stop.

Me: Oh God! What is wrong with people? What is happening to my children? This world is full of people who have twisted reality so much that the truth is hidden. What seems harmless is damaging the thought process of our children. Truth has been watered down so much that lies have taken control. TheContinue reading “Dear Lord…make it stop.”

Morning Philosophy, Anyone?

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Early morning, every morning, I want to lay in bed, snuggle my husband, and just let love pass between us. I am in no hurry to move more than just what it takes to get closer to him. Almost every morning, I have an internal argument with myself as toContinue reading “Morning Philosophy, Anyone?”

The Jesus Illusion

The Jesus Illusion Calvary, by Octavio Ocampo I have this painting hanging on my living room. It is big 32″ wide x 46″ tall and fills a wall. It is not not the real thing but a print that I have had for several years. There are many illusions in this painting, the double Jesus being theContinue reading “The Jesus Illusion”

Excuse me, your Faith is Showing

The struggle is real. Peter was told by Jesus he would deny his Lord not once but three times. He was terrified that people would turn against him if he admitted he knew this Jesus. He was afraid of death. Peter’s denial was based on fear and weakness, the weakness born of human frailty. IContinue reading “Excuse me, your Faith is Showing”

Forrest for the Trees…

There was a light. You know the one, at the end of the tunnel. Blinding and coming right at me. After I caught my breath running from the train, I came out of the other side of the tunnel unscathed. Now, I am facing a large cluster of trees that goes on for miles inContinue reading “Forrest for the Trees…”