Goals Not Resolutions

I dislike New Year’s resolutions. How many times have you made a resolution that ended in a fiery disaster? It is not your fault. Resolutions are a form of “cultural procrastination,” according to Timothy Pychyl a professor of psychology at Carleton University in Canada. Humans assume willpower is a character trait that you’re either bornContinue reading “Goals Not Resolutions”

You Know this is True, Right?

Do you see this man? You know him. We all know him. Did he pop out of his mother with all of us knowing him, sending flowers, balloons and congratulation cards? No. Unless you did know his mom and well lucky you. He worked hard for what he accomplished or he placed himself at theContinue reading “You Know this is True, Right?”

After the Rabbits

A Reading History When I was little it seemed most of my favorite stories had to do with rabbits. I read and reread the same stories over and over again. All of the Peter Rabbit stories by Beatrix Potter, The Velveteen Rabbit, Alice In Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and others that in some way hadContinue reading “After the Rabbits”

What They Did Not Tell You

When you were a teen or young adult getting advice from the wise old one in your life they forgot to tell you a few important things. You know who I am talking about the infamous “they”, your teen idols, the sexy older man/woman who lived across the street, larger than life uncle with theContinue reading “What They Did Not Tell You”