Feel Free to Cause a Disturbance

Yes, art in all forms should make the person experiencing it feels pure raw emotion. It makes no difference if the art is visual, audible or sensory. To create feelings in humans is the sole purpose of art. When an observer looks at a painting, reads a story, or looks at a sculpture, you takeContinue reading “Feel Free to Cause a Disturbance”

The Art of Story Telling

Story telling is not just limited to books and movies. Stories infiltrate our life in thousands of ways. Often we are either the story teller or the story receiver and we do not realize that we are engaged in the act of storytelling. Kids are expert story tellers, so are Grandparents when they share familyContinue reading “The Art of Story Telling”

Adults Can Pretend Too

or How to retain your childhood imagination. See this girl? Yeah, that one in the picture. She is my alter ego. Her name is Charlotte. She is tough and innocent, soft and fearless. She is everything I am not in real life. To me, to my imagination she is real. Do you remember what itContinue reading “Adults Can Pretend Too”