We Want Normal Back

but how much do we really want? We humans have been shaken up. This is the first crisis of significant magnitude that many adults have seen. Others, like me, who are a bit older have seen other devastating events. In all the past chaos that I can remember living through there was an enemy orContinue reading “We Want Normal Back”

…did You Die?

a day without my device. It finally happened. I picked up my cell phone and it was dead. I tried all the tricks, turned it off and back on about a zillion times. Nothing. I put it on the charger overnight. Nothing. I did what any sensible working person does, I went to work withoutContinue reading “…did You Die?”

What I Want to Say

or maybe I shouldn’t say… Here is a list of things I want to say…maybe I shouldn’t say them. Come on! I know there are things you wish you could just say sometimes and don’t for whatever reason….right? I am not the only one….I can’t be…Well anyway, here it goes… I am so tired ofContinue reading “What I Want to Say”

Snail Mail is Worth the Wait

or what happened to authentic communication? Communication throughout history has been about sharing. Methods have changed, but the goal is always the same. To get words and ideas from one human to another human. In our modern society in spite of the fact that we have so many different ways to communicate, the quantity ofContinue reading “Snail Mail is Worth the Wait”

Broad Generalization of Love

is not a good idea. “brown wooden crate with black background” by dimas aditya on Unsplash Wait a minute….I need my soapbox for this one. (Slides box over and stands upon it, clearing throat) I read and article today that sent my blood boiling. One of those articles that make you say things out loud like,Continue reading “Broad Generalization of Love”