Adults Can Pretend Too

or How to retain your childhood imagination. See this girl? Yeah, that one in the picture. She is my alter ego. Her name is Charlotte. She is tough and innocent, soft and fearless. She is everything I am not in real life. To me, to my imagination she is real. Do you remember what itContinue reading “Adults Can Pretend Too”

A Step Mother’s Manifesto

This is in part a public promise to my family and a soapbox stand for anyone who wants the right to love your spouse’s children. Why is it that the stepmother is portrayed as the evil one in the fairy tale? That is often the furthest from the truth of reality. Most stepmothers want onlyContinue reading “A Step Mother’s Manifesto”

Life is about Cupcakes

and cookies. How did you spend your weekend? Did you go out and party? I spent Friday night baking cupcakes. I love to bake. I am not an expert at all. My cakes and pies often come out looking ugly. Cookies always come out perfect. I have a talent for chocolate chip and peanut betterContinue reading “Life is about Cupcakes”

Let’s Go Back

Let’s go back about twenty, thirty, forty, years. Let’s go back to the days of porch swing talks where the adults are smoking real paper cigarettes and flipping ashes out the sand. Where the kids are sitting on the ice cream churn cranking the handle…round and round and round. My grandparents had a big backContinue reading “Let’s Go Back”