Indecisiveness is Dishonest

Make a Choice and Stick With it “landscape photography of splitted road surrounded with trees” by Oliver Roos on Unsplash Why can’t you pick a side and stay there? Why is it that I can’t figure out what you stand for? One minute you are preaching to the sinners and the next you are flying withContinue reading “Indecisiveness is Dishonest”

Who Am I? I am a Believer.

What do you believe in? As for me, I am unapologetically a Christian. I believe in love, pure unconditional love. I believe in respect for the dignity of every human being. I believe in home as a place of peace. ~Lori O’Gara Thank you for your time. You can see more of my writing here.Continue reading “Who Am I? I am a Believer.”