Why I don’t Use a Pen Name

There are several legitimate reasons to use a pen name. Let me say upfront, I am not criticizing the reasons other writers choose to use a pen name. You probably know the reasons, there are many. The two biggest ones are to protect a writer’s family and freedom or embarrassment. I hear things that goContinue reading “Why I don’t Use a Pen Name”

Don’t Apologize for Being Happy

“green coconut tree during daytime” by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash I have an amazing life. It is full of love and happiness. No I am not wealthy. I often have very little in my checking account. I am not famous, at least not yet, however, I keep writing what I want to write. I live inContinue reading “Don’t Apologize for Being Happy”

The Collateral Damage From “I’m Fine”

It has been years now since I removed myself from a toxic relationship with an addict who chose to stay addicted to alcohol and drugs. He chose his lifestyle over everything else, including me. Only now, with the lens of hindsight can I see what I ignored and chose not to see. I was foolingContinue reading “The Collateral Damage From “I’m Fine””