Your Stomach Rules

Yes your heart and mind are the primary driving forces in your life. It’s a balance between logic, intuition, faith, love and trust. You make decisions on the information from the mind and heart in a dance of thoughts and ideas. You might think that is how you get through life and it is forContinue reading “Your Stomach Rules”

We are All Homesick for Something

What are you missing? There is a feeling that comes and goes in the human heart. It is called hiraeth. Hiraeth is a Welsh concept of longing for home. Many Welsh people claim ‘hiraeth’ is a word which cannot be translated, meaning more than solely “missing something” or “missing home.” It is an unexplained longing.Continue reading “We are All Homesick for Something”

It’s not Me, It’s You

Breaking up is easy, slowly put down the device and walk away. I picked up a copy of “How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life” by Catherine Price from my library. I recommend it for everyone who is reading this on their phone right now. Price saysContinue reading “It’s not Me, It’s You”

The Collateral Damage From “I’m Fine”

It has been years now since I removed myself from a toxic relationship with an addict who chose to stay addicted to alcohol and drugs. He chose his lifestyle over everything else, including me. Only now, with the lens of hindsight can I see what I ignored and chose not to see. I was foolingContinue reading “The Collateral Damage From “I’m Fine””