Silent No More

I am usually the quiet one. I see all the chaos in the world and I keep my mouth shut. I do not share my opinions. I was taught at an early age that if you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all. Writing what I think is one thing, and saying it outContinue reading “Silent No More”

I Said it

She grabs the soapbox. She steps up…to the mic and begins.  Can you hear that? Listen to the sounds. The noise.   It is the sound of life as we know it falling down around us. We are no longer safe in our own homes. We can’t go to the store without worrying if we willContinue reading “I Said it”

One Day I Will Be Her

I am jealous of all the women who get to shop in stores with small clothing sizes. Envy makes me hate myself that much more. I know it is pointless to be jealous. I get so disgusted when I go shopping for clothes that are supposed to fit me and my curves. I look atContinue reading “One Day I Will Be Her”

Luck Means Nothing

If a circus performer wanted to be sure he or she would have good luck during a performance, they would keep the hair of an elephant’s tail in their pocket. When good things happen or things work out for us we say we are lucky. I recently went to the doctor about my aching knee.Continue reading “Luck Means Nothing”


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About Me

My mission is to share my no B.S. approach to Christianity through my writing by building a platform that attracts the derelicts and outliers in this world. I look to find the humans who traditional Christianity has broken and hurt. Humans who know that there must be more to life than this and more to God than we have been lead to believe. Those humans are my tribe. 

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