Christians are more passionate about Easter than any other holy day. It is the foundation of our belief in Jesus Christ. If he did not get crucified, entombed and rise from the dead, our faith is incomplete. We believe he did just as he said he would, that he would die then rise three days and nights later. We believe he is part of God therefore he is alive with God now.

The thing is, Jesus never told us to celebrate or remember Easter. Easter Sunday was not observed by the professing Christian community until almost 20 years after the death of the Apostle John, the last surviving eyewitness to the crucifixion and the resurrected Jesus. If God truly wanted His people to observe this holiday, why did it take so long to be established? It was only introduced as a “Christian” holiday after all who had first-hand knowledge of the facts were dead.

Does that matter? No.

What matters is we humans are so loved by God that to save us from being separated from him, God had his holy sinless son publicly tortured, and painfully murdered. After God lifted Jesus out of death into life.

Hell is to be severed from the agape love of God. A love that our human brains can’t comprehend and without that love we are dead.

Now all we have to do to escape hell is to believe that Jesus is who he said he is, he did what he said he did and go share the love of God with other humans. Simple, but so huge in significance. It’s life or death for you and me. It’s our choice.

Love & Light


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