What’s in a Word

I am all about words. My husband calls me his word girl. If I see an item in a store with words, I don’t care what language; I want it. I like the ascetics of words, the feel of words, the sound of words, and the emotions of words.

Words come to us when we need them. Words also avoid us when we need them. It is almost like words are living things. Depending on the situation they are living. It is not the person who spews hate that hurts others. It is the words and actions of the person who harms. It is the words of affirmation that build hope. It is the words of affection that grow love.

Words change over time in meaning and spelling. Words that hold a certain definition today in a hundred years will hold a different meaning.

I am partial to some words more than others. Some of my favorite words are, in no particular order, love, transpicuous, fantastic, fabulous, time, unique, courage, anger, should have, worry, and forgiveness….oh my, I can go on and on…..

Some words are considered inappropriate. I get that there are some words we should not say at work or in front of certain people. It is not because of the word. It is because the person in front of you is due a certain level of respect.

Listen, sometimes there is a word that simply fits, and sometimes that word is a profane one. So, tell me, why is that one beautifully perfect word off-limits? Why do some of us think, ” Oh no, I can’t use this perfect word because someone might get offended”? Is it truly because we are worried about offending a person or because society has trained us that not all words are for every human?

Know your audience and use the word that fits. Be brave enough to use the correct word because it is the right word. Don’t abuse the power of words for the shock factor, and don’t shy away from it because it might offend. For every offended person, there is another who hears your word and agrees it is a perfect word.

Transpicuous Life Tip #67: Use the right words.

Love & Light,


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