Dear Lord…I want a house.

Me: Lord, I am really wanting that big house. The one with all the space so each one of my teenagers can have their own bedroom, a shop for my husband to tinker around in, a sunroom, a hot tub on a deck, maybe a pool, and plenty of space for books. A great big 3500sq foot house with at least three or four acres of land. Oh, and maybe a house keeper, baby goats, a cow and barn for a pony.

Lord: You really do not need all that space. You work full time and are gone more than you are at home. Your husband and teenagers are busy people too. It is difficult to clean and maintain a big house. You also hate yard work and don’t like to sweat. A hot tub? Really Lori? Trust me. I will provide a home that is just perfect for your family, your budget and your lifestyle.

Me: Dear Lord, please teach me to only desire what you will for me to have. Teach me to live within your boundaries for my life. Make my wants match your blessings. Amen.

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