Your Stomach Rules

Yes your heart and mind are the primary driving forces in your life. It’s a balance between logic, intuition, faith, love and trust. You make decisions on the information from the mind and heart in a dance of thoughts and ideas. You might think that is how you get through life and it is for most things. However, your physical self, your body, is ruled by your stomach.

Humans will kill over a scrap of food when starving. They will stop whatever pleasurable thing they are doing to eat. If your stomach lurches, humans will run to a place to retch or defficate. Your stomach will assert its dominance often at an inconvenient time and at an unexpected place.

When you are young, sometimes you are picky about what you feed your stomach. Maybe as you get a little older you become adventurous and try exotic flavors. Enjoy the freedom that your youthful stomach gives you. It is fleeting.

One of the most debilitating pains I have ever experienced was given to me by my stomach and intestines. Gone are the days of spicy and exciting food. Gone are the over indulgences of my youth.

Listen to your gut when it speaks. Be a slave to it and it’s command. Learn to be submissive to it’s desires. Your mind, mouth, and tastes will try to over rule your belly. Do not fall for it. Your stomach is the general to which all other organs thrive or wither. Treat it well.

The retribution for disobedience is not worth the pain and suffering.

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