Deep Trust

Who do you trust? It’s easy to say, “I trust you”, do you really though? What does that mean?

The trust I have for coworkers and friends is different from the trust I have for my children. The trust I have for my children is different from the trust I have for my husband.

I have levels of trust. I picture them as circles from the one closest to me where there is only me and him, circling out. He’s got the equivalent to top-secret all-access clearance to all of me and my soul.

Inside that tight circle…deeper still is my trust for God. All other trusts I have built upon the foundation of that sold rock of my relationship with God.

What does multi-depth trust look like in real life?

What trusting my husband means to me is that I trust him to diligently do things in a way that will not deliberately hurt me physically or emotionally. I trust him to keep his promises to me. I can say beyond a doubt I completely trust only my husband at this level. I center my life around him. He and he alone is my person. I will cut loose a whole different side of Lori if you in any way attempt to infiltrate the trust circle where my love is. I trust he does the same for me. When I say we trust no one the way we trust each other, that means no one.

The only soul I place in higher esteem is God. Period.

Then together, we provide the same for our children. We are their parents, protectors, and providers. Not only is this the only way to be married it is commanded by God, “As the Scriptures say, a man also leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Eph 5:31

When I say I trust my husband, it does not mean that he will not make mistakes. It does not mean that I trust he will never hurt my feelings. He is human and therefore fallible as am I. For the record, he has never hurt me. That fact alone makes me trust and love him more every day.

Trusting someone so completely is terrifying for some humans. For most people, it takes time to build a bond that tight and unbreakable. Trust like that takes effort on your part and the person’s who you are building trust with. It is best accomplished one on one, just you and your person. There is no room for another soul in that circle. Put another circle a bit further out. That is for the children. Then continue with others in your life. You might move people around from one circle to another, but never into that space reserved for the one you love most.

As soon as you add another soul into your second circle a child, a friend, whomever, you better have a foundation of unwavering trust with your person or your relationship will blow away like dust on the wind.


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