Luck Means Nothing

Photo by Mylon Ollila on Unsplash

If a circus performer wanted to be sure he or she would have good luck during a performance, they would keep the hair of an elephant’s tail in their pocket.

When good things happen or things work out for us we say we are lucky.

I recently went to the doctor about my aching knee. He said simply that I need a knee replacement. If I lose about eighty pounds and I am lucky enough to get my BMI down to 40, I will qualify for a knee replacement covered by insurance. The alternative, meaning if I am unlucky, I will end up in a wheelchair.

I started whining about my weight back in January. I toyed with the idea of eating differently. I made some minor changes. Cut sugar, calories, and carbs here and there. I told myself I was making baby steps.

When I left the doctor’s office, things changed.

Lucky for me I have a very supportive husband. I adore my husband, here’s why. I told him what the doctor said and he said, “Ok, Let’s do something about it.” He went to Amazon and ordered books on Keto. He then went to the gym that is less than a half-mile from our front door and paid cash for an entire year membership for himself and me. When I hugged him and tried not to cry, I am not a crier, he said, “Where you go I go. We do this together.”

We do not believe in luck. We believe in action.

When you are faced with a situation with your health if there is something you can do about it, do it.

That’s not luck, that is action. Luck has nothing to do with determination.

Are you looking for motivation? How about this:

You only get one chance to live your best life. No one can change your lifestyle but you. No one can make your situation better, but you. Is it going to be difficult, yes. I know you are scared. I’m scared too. To be perfectly honest, I am terrified of failure, but I am going to do what it takes to keep my fat ass out of a wheelchair.

It will take a lot more than luck to get us off this cycle of diet, fail, gain, and diet again.

Find your determination. Find your motivation. Grab it and do not let go.

Do not rely on luck.

~Lori O’Gara

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