Morning Philosophy, Anyone?

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Early morning, every morning, I want to lay in bed, snuggle my husband, and just let love pass between us. I am in no hurry to move more than just what it takes to get closer to him. Almost every morning, I have an internal argument with myself as to why I really do need to get up and go to work. Every day the fact I need money is a less convincing argument. Yet, still, I get up and make myself be a responsible adult.

Today my husband sprung a deep intense philosophical idea on me before Alexa ordered me to “Get up, get coffee, go to work.”

He said, “Love is the epitome of faith.”

Wait…What? Love exists without faith, my sleepy brain replied. I can love someone and not care if they love me back, right? I do not need them to believe that I love them to completely know that I indeed do love them. Stop talking and kiss me.

Then it hit me…he is right.

The love between two committed humans is the epitome of faith.

I love my husband. I compare the thought of losing him to having someone cut off my arm. Our love is intense and sturdy. I know in my deepest heart that he loves me too, but how can I really know?

The truth is, I can’t know for sure. I have to have faith that he loves me.

I have to trust or have faith as it were, in his words and actions. He always treats me with respect. He approaches me with compassion. I have no reason to suspect or doubt that he loves me, therefore I have faith that he does truly love me. Also, in as much as I know how deeply I love him, he has to have faith that I am telling the truth. This love and faith connection is why time together, respecting each other, always being honest and being free with affection is so important.

This co-faith in each other is where love exists.

Yes, this is too deep a thought before coffee. *snuggles down in the blanket*

Good Day,

~Lori O’Gara

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