Do You Hate Valentine’s Day?

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. The entire thing feels forced. Love day should be every day. Why the world thinks people need a day to honor those we love is ridiculous. Valentine’s Day, the modern version of it anyway, seems like it was made up by the greeting card writers, chocolate sellers, and rose farmers to sell more product. If that is your thing, more power to ya.

I suppose if you need a reason for date night other than it is a day ending in -y, then Valentine’s Day is as good a reason as any to go wait an hour for a table at an already crowded restaurant.

Personally, I don’t need a special day to get love or gifts. My special human and I surprise each other all year with dates, gifts, and adventures with no reason other than we like to see each other smile. There is no pressure. How many of you will be exhausted after work yet will be expected to go on a date or spend extra money on a traditional gift for your person because it is February 14th?

Try this, start the middle of next month, surprise your love with something, not flowers, a date, their favorite book, or cake maybe. Tell them that you love them on that day just as much or more than you do (did) today, on Valentine’s Day. Suggest that you don’t do what everyone else does and instead you choose to celebrate love all year from that point forward. Then, plan little things and don’t tell them. Make it surprises as much as you can. You may have to actually… gasp! communicate about it sometimes. If you are forgetful, secretly, write it on your calendar. I bet you and your person will have fun. Maybe you will even get a few surprises too!

Next year on Feb 14th, you can stay at home in your pajamas snuggled on the sofa with your person and with no pressure to perform a Heart Day miracle.

~Lori O’Gara

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