2020, The Year of Focus

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Last year was the year of simple. I spent my time pursuing what brought joy to my life. It was happy chaos with no rhyme or reason. I had no strategy. It was very spontaneous. If a task or thing was mundane I attempted to avoid it or dispose of it. I changed my wardrobe and donated things. I planned days that made me happy using a pencil and paper calendar. I was semi-successful.

This year will be more organized. It will be what I call a Focused Simplicity. It is a three-step process that should, in my best estimate, take me all year to master.

Step One: I will build on last year by continuing to…

If a thing, food, or service does not bring me joy or if I do not cherish it, I will remove it from my life.

I will only do the tasks that are necessary or bring peace and happiness to my life.

Step two: I will add the focused part…

When something positive or negative happens, I will choose to celebrate it, enjoy it or deal with it, at the moment. I will be present in mind, body, and soul.

Step Three: I will devise a plan to focus my time and energy on what is important.

This year will be a little less chaotic and a little more planned.

Here’s to Focused Simplicity.

~Lori O’Gara

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