Complacency is a Killer

Did you ever run into a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time and wonder what happened? You know the one. The one who you did everything with and were even maybe contemplating spending forever with, yeah that one.

What did you say the last time you saw them?

There are a million excuses…I mean considerations that you need to think about. There is the fact that most people work full time jobs, some have college classes, some have families, and some have all three. These life situations draw from your resources of time and money. Add to all of that the fact that family comes first and sometimes that family is not in the same town, city or village as you.

It can all be overwhelming…

and it takes work…a lot of effort.

Then what happens when this work is one sided? I mean one person calls, makes all the plans and the other person is just in it when it is easy for them?

It doesn’t mean that you and I love this people less than we did when we saw them all the time. We may even think about them every day…every single day…but come on, it is exhausting.

Wait, are you looking for expert advice? God, I hope not.

In my experience, when you take a break from being the one to put in the effort it takes to keep the friendship going and complacency sets in, the relationship dies.

Even if you take a break to focus on yourself or your family. Put one thing before the friendship and it is over.

OK, here is the advice I can give you. Take it or leave it for what it is worth.


Make a list if you have too. Mine looks like this.

Survival of my family and me. Then others.

It is really that simple. If the other people in your life don’t understand, were they really your friends?

~Lori O’Gara

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