Be in The Moment, I dare you.

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

I have read and I have written articles about the absence of conscience with the epidemic of personal device use. We as a society are living virtual lives that often look better than reality. With the recent craze of the FaceApp adding to the obsession of what we look like, Narcissus would be so proud of us.

My family and I are packing today for a family vacation. I have heard a few of my friends say, “Don’t forget to post pictures.” or “Take lots of pictures.” My response was the normal okay.

What would happen if I didn’t post pictures? Would anyone care?

My mother would care.

Would any of the other 800 plus friends on my list really give a plug nickel if I didn’t post as our vacation was happening? Would you care?

I am thinking not.

I have decided to focus on my family on this trip. I may take a few pictures for memory sake, however, my focus will be on the moment. For some of the children in the family, this will be a week of firsts. I want to remember the look on their faces when they see and touch new things, experience new sights, hear new sounds and taste new food.

I wonder how much different my experience will be if I focus on each individual moment.

The temptation to post on social media will be great. I can feel the pull of my cell phone as I type this on my laptop already. It whispers to me, “psssttt….post this idea on facebook.”

This will be a challenge.

Stop laughing….I can hear some of you already… “Sure Lori….whatever you say. You can’t go an hour without your phone.”

That is true. I did say this is a challenge.

See you on the flip side.

~Lori O’Gara

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