Check This Out

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

I find the phrase, “Check this out” problematic for me, though I say it all the time.

To be fair, I am a librarian by day which involves checking of books in and out all day long. It is part of what we in the business call, library lingo. Particular words that mean one thing in the library and something completely different out in the real world.

These words, “Check out” could mean several things:

Check out at the store.

Check out that beautiful woman over there.

I am going to check out of reality for a bit. (This one I like)

For once I want to stop. Just stop.

Right now I want to check out of life. Not that my life is bad. I have an amazing life. Keeping an amazing life going is exhausting.

I want to check out of social media, but it is a big part of my marketing plan.

I want to check out of work, but well, it pays for coffee, doughnuts and all the things that make life grand.

I want to check out of doing laundry, but I am not pretty naked.

I want to check out of talking, however, I am witty and well spoken.

Even a good life will wear you down and make you want to check out of things for a bit. It is at that place, that exhausted happy place that you can either start to wonder who you are, why life is the way it is and let depression sink into your spirit. You can allow the stress of a good life to make you second guess your worthiness for having that life.

Or you can accept that life, yes a good life, can be difficult to maintain. It can and often will take a lot of energy. Give yourself the time to recharge and reconnect to the important things of that life. By things, I am not talking what you own.

By choosing to check out of life for a bit you can put your mind back on your family, the love you share and the life you are making with them.

~Lori O’Gara

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