Can You Hear That?

Photo by David Di Veroli on Unsplash

Shhh..listen…do you hear that small still voice? It is that one that calls you to stop procrastinating. It is the one that tells you that you have work to do. You have a story to write.

Can you hear it now?


Turn off the distractions. Yes, I said to turn them off. The television used to be, back in the day, the only screen we had at home. I remember mom saying, “Get off that TV and go outside. Read a book. Something, just turn it off.”

So, listen to my mom, turn the screens off.

Now. Sit….listen.

That voice you hear….The one telling you, “This…this is the story.” That voice is your motivation to create. It is faint and small, however, if you make a point to listen to it, it will get louder. Some call it a muse. One thing I know about muses is they are narcissistic and they like to be fed. They absolutely hate to be ignored.

Slow down. Pay attention.

If you are still having trouble hearing it try getting in a warm bath. Not a shower. Fill the tub with water, lay down with your ears covered and listen to your own breath.

Hear your heartbeat? Just past that is your still small voice.

Some say it is God.

Whatever you call it, you must listen to it. The voice will tell you what to write. It will not leave you. It will get quieter if you ignore it so you may have to coax it back out sometimes.

Listen. Trust it. It will always tell you the truth.

You may write something you think is pure sh**. If your still small voice says, “You are wrong.” Then you are wrong, publish that piece of work.

Trust, me. You will be glad you listened to that voice.

~Lori O’Gara

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