You Know this is True, Right?

Do you see this man? You know him. We all know him. Did he pop out of his mother with all of us knowing him, sending flowers, balloons and congratulation cards?

No. Unless you did know his mom and well lucky you.

He worked hard for what he accomplished or he placed himself at the right place for the right people to see him and make the right things happen.

Look at the words, read them again. Put aside who said them for a second and just read them.

“One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.”

You know that person who said to you, “You can’t make a living being a writer unless you are a bestseller” Yeah, that person. Then there is that other one who said, “You want to do what? You can’t do that, you have bills to pay.”

Maybe it was even your family who said, “Fine, do that but you must get a day job.” Was that just a few days ago or a year ago and you haven’t written a thing since.

Stop listening to the naysayers who are telling you that your work is not valid.

You can and will write if that is your calling. You can and you will because if you do not you will not be happy in your soul.

Put aside all others and listen to your heart and write.

When the book sales trickle. Write.

Keep writing until the day comes and that…(wait should not use profanity…opens thesaurus…) that jerk says they knew you when you can deny that they even exist.

Now, stop reading and go WRITE!

~Lori O’Gara

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