To all the Women who Let Him Go

Photo by DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash

Thank you.

Thank you for walking out of his life. You thought you would be better without him so you left and moved on.

Thank you for casting him off as if he were last year’s fashion. Because you sent him packing, he found me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love him. Because in him I found my missing half. I will love him every second of every day and will not ever let him go to bed wondering if I still care.

Thank you for thinking he wasn’t good enough for you. I will take care of the man you failed to appreciate. I will love the man you took for granted.

Thank you for doing your own thing and not taking his dreams seriously. I will support him in anything that he wants to be. I will be the partner you failed to become for him.

I will be the woman who will not make the same mistakes you did.

For your selfishness I am grateful.

~Lori O’Gara

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