Let’s Get Real

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Most of us do not like everything about ourselves. We all have something we want to change. The person we see in the mirror is not who we feel like on the inside. Even the most successful and fit person has that one thing that they want to change.

Maybe it is a physical thing. Too tall. Too fat. Too beautiful? I don’t know it might be a thing. Maybe it is a personality trait you hate. Too shy. Too afraid. Too self absorbed. Too much of a perfectionist. Too strict. Procrastinate too much? I know that is a thing.

You see the memes on social media and the quotes.

“You are amazing.”

“You are enough.”

“Be yourself.”

“F- them if they don’t like it.”

Then you think…”That’s right I am amazing and F-them.”

Who exactly are they anyway? Your family, friends and the CIA?

Listen up, you are amazing. You are enough. You do not need quotes to prove it to yourself. It isn’t like you didn’t know those wonderful things about yourself before you saw the sexy girl on the beach with the words in bold hanging above her head in the photo.

If there is something about you that you hate that you CAN change, then change the F-ing thing already. Make it new. Bend it to your will and use it to your fullest advantage.

If there is something about you that you hate and you CAN’T change it, learn to live with it. Make it your ace in the hole, your secret weapon or your certain something that no one else has thought to use to their advantage.

Make it your one special thing.

If you are a writer, painter, artist, composer, musician…whatever…create the sh** out of the thing. Use it as a launch pad for something bigger than your hate for it.

Make it the one thing that makes you unique, suave, Da Bomb? That may not still be a thing….oh I know…Gucci that thing!

Tell them…the CIA, TAKE THAT! you nosey… sneaky……beauracrates? Tell your friends and family love me as I am. If they don’t like it, tell them…actually tell all the theys in your life…

Sayōnara Baby.

Want to share your journey, drop me a note. I am off to find my Slang Dictionary….it was here a second ago under my stack of vinyl records.

~Lori O’Gara

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