Do You Miss Being a Kid?

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I wonder how many of us really miss being a kid. If we look at what it is that we really miss and compare it to our daily lives, maybe it isn’t being a kid that we miss.

Sure, for most of us childhood was a mixture of fun and worry. I had not so perfect parents, they were what are called normal. They did the best they could do with what they had and what my parents had was what everyone else’s parents had, a job, common sense, anxiety, bills, and a life to live. They divorced when I was ten years old. I knew they loved each other but had hurt each other too deeply to get over it. Even through my parents’ divorce and remarriages, I never knew as a kid if there was money worries or stress about life. They did not talk to me about it. They just went on about the business of living.

I had most of what I wanted as a kid and everything I needed. I had a nice room with toys and clothes. If I asked for a skateboard or some other coveted thing for my birthday, I usually got it. I didn’t have trips to Disney or designer clothes. I didn’t get the most expensive toys and electronics weren’t a thing, but I was happy.

After my parents divorce, my mom and I moved back to my parents’ childhood town in Florida. I was allowed to play outside anytime it wasn’t raining or dark. Even then, if it was raining and not lightening I could play in the rain. There was Saturday morning cartoons, pancakes for breakfast and dancing in the kitchen or on the back patio in the evenings. I had friends and we climbed trees, rode bikes over wobbly ramps, built forts. The beach was our playground in the afternoons after school. We went to the skating rink on Fridays, movies on Saturdays and church on Sundays.

No stress, no worries, smiling and enjoying life. Do I miss that? Sometimes, but not often.


Not everyone on this planet had a childhood that was normal. Some had it much worse. Others had it better. I know some of you reading this don’t want to think about your childhood.

Some of you have a life now that you don’t want to think about because of the stress that is happening right now.

Change it. You have all you need right now to make your life what you want.

My life now as I am staring down my fiftieth birthday is just as happy as it was when I was a ten year old with knobby knees. I have a job I like. A husband who loves me and treats me like an extension of himself. I have a grown amazing beautiful daughter who I am above the moon proud of, living her life in Texas with a passel of adorable and talented grandchildren. I have three phenomenal daughters at home becoming who God made them to be and two energetic twin boys teaching me about dinosaurs.

No stress, no worries. I am smiling and enjoying life.

No, my life was not always this way. Yes I have bills and all the normal things you have. I made a choice to live happy. Living a stress free life takes preplanning and thought. It also take courage.

Courage to not do what everyone else is doing. It is letting your kids make a mess and not worrying about it. Let them eat cake for breakfast, while you’re at it cut yourself a slice. Put them in the car in pajamas and go see a movie in the middle of an afternoon. Blare music in the kitchen and dance while washing dishes.

Do the things life requires and add fun to it. Life is about love and happiness. Stop letting society tell you that if you aren’t stressed and exhausted you aren’t being a responsible adult.

Believe in living a happy life.

~Lori O’Gara

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