I Just Don’t Get It

What is it that makes a good person?

“three black and white Angus cattle on green grass during day” by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Why is there a picture of cows? I just like cows. With cows you know what to expect. They moo, eat a lot of grass and if you get close enough they will lick and slobber on you. They are sometimes stinky and often friendly. Like I said, I like cows.

People. I like people too. Generally, speaking people are great, just not like cows. We have social standards right? Is it the following of these rules, written and unwritten that make us good people?

Is the person who snaps at you in irritation bad? Is the person who smiles and gives you a passive aggressive response good? Is the person who flat out tells you like it is even better? Personally, I want you to tell me the truth. Even if you know I will not like it. I would rather say, “Wow we can no longer be friends, but I respect your bravado” than find out you were keeping me in the dark for a lot longer than you should. God help you if I find out you have been keeping me in the dark for years. I will leave so fast your head will fly off your shoulders.

Here’s the thing, practice what you preach. If you say you are forgiving, then forgive. If you say you hold a grudge forever, fine. I can accept that too. If you say you like to be alone, that’s cool. I won’t send you an invite to that party. Actually, I don’t like to throw parties, so that is a bad example.

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t get why people profess to be a certain way then when faced with it, act in direct conflict with the words coming out of their mouth.

Be real. Be consistent. Be a true authentic person, good or bad. Nice or mean.

Be yourself. Be like cows.

~Lori O’Gara

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