It’s Dark Out.

It’s night and I am awake. I am thinking about time.

“stars overlooking body of water during nighttime” by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Time is an enigma, a construct of humanity to regulate daily existence and mark history.

I hate time. I hate that it passes so fast and I hate that I can’t stop it.

In my bio above I tell you that I am a Whovian. Go, ahead, I will wait while you scroll up and look at it. Oh, never mind. It says, “a dreamer waiting on The Doctor.”

What or is a Whovian you ask?

A Whovian is a fan for the 55 year old (as of 2018) BBC show called Doctor Who. I can’t sum up the Doctor in a few lines, but I can say that the appeal of the show is that there are no limits to the impossible constraints of time. It gives an alternative theory that time is not linear, rather more like a ball of yarn. Time is wibbly wobbly timey wimey. This appeals to me on so many different levels. Due to space and time constraints here, I want to share with you just one level of appeal.

Source unknown.

We could live without time.

Why did we need to give a set of rules for life? When to wake up, eat, sleep, work, play, all of our tasks are governed by time.

What would happen if we decided to let that go? Society would melt down. Planes and buses would run in a chaos. Industry would stop. Life would be unrecognizable.

We would be free.

I am aware of alternate time theories. Theoretical physics has a lot of, well… theories. Let’s set science aside for a minute and look at time from a spiritual perspective.

Humans are spiritual beings. Souls have no time. They are eternal. Why then did we, humans put so much emphasis on time?

What if we focused on living, loving, and doing?

When the sun comes up we get up out of bed. When we are hungry eat. When we are sleepy, we rest.

I know this is a fantasy and in the real world where I have a job this can not happen, not really. However, for me, I would love to give living outside of time a shot.

Who knows, it might work and I might like it. Makes retirement look a lot more appealing.

~Lori O’Gara

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