I Long for the Day

“selective focus photography of leaves” by Andrei Lazarev on Unsplash

I long for the day when the response to the question, “Are you a Christian?” Is not met with preconceived assumptions in a loaded, “Oh”. Until that day let me fill you in on a little something, Not all Christians are alike. Not all common Christian beliefs originated with Christ.

Here, let me explain. God said words. Christ said words. The Holy Spirit said words. Men wrote down the words. Men attempted to preserve words. Over time words were lost, burned, destroyed, twisted and rewritten. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit are perfect, men are not. Humans are not perfect. Thus, Christians are not perfect.

This is where faith comes in.

I can not speak for all Christians. I can only speak for me.

I hold the belief that my method of Christianity is not the only way to live or the only way to find God. My mind is open to the fact that every Christian has to live faith in the way they see as right. On this world wide search for who we are, we are all searching for the same thing, love, peace, and happiness. We all want to be loved and understood. Unfortunately, people haven’t figured that out yet.

Human nature is to be judgmental, unless you make an effort to be accepting. What is your automatic response when someone believes different than you? What is your reaction if someone says they are an atheist? Is your reaction, “Wow that’s wrong”?

Where I am not of the thought that my way to God is the only way, I am firm in the belief that there is a God. A creator, who loves his creation. The how of creation, 7 days or 7 million years is irrelevant to me. The fact God exists, God is love. That is what I believe.

All the rest, how you choose to find God, what you believe about evil, what religion is right, abortion, murder, gay marriage, what skin color is better than others, what clothes are appropriate, what food is right, what politics does God like most, save the planet, on and on…all of that should not be the focus.

Love. Love thy neighbor as yourself. Everything else will fall in to place if your first thought is love.

If your first thought is love you will care if your neighbor has a roof over their bed not who is in it with them.

If love is your first thought you will care if your neighbor has a jacket on in the cold night not if it is a man’s jacket or not.

If your first thought is love you will care if you neighbor has food not what color their skin is or if the political issue they support is red or blue.

I did not say, don’t get mad, don’t be passionate. All other emotions will fall in to line if love is first.

I long for the day when Christians just accept people for who they are and not try to push everyone, Christians and non Christians into little boxes people make for them. I long for the day when respect is an automatic response to all people. I long for the day when reflecting God’s love is the focus.

Let your first thought be love and your next thought be, what is the right respectful way for my next action to reflect God.

~Lori O’Gara

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