I need a Miracle

“woman in white top laying on flowers” by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

God is the master of small quiet water to wine miracles and large parting the sea miracles. I have heard it said that miracles can be tiny results to everyday prayers. That the miraculous isn’t always the big things like someone surviving a auto accident that should have left them dead. Though that is a miracle, however, what about the mom who prays for her kids to come home safe from school? Or the elderly man who prays for someone to come take him to the grocery since he no longer drives? Those are small in comparison to someone living through a catastrophic event, but huge in the life of that one person who needs that small thing.

I am that person. I need that small thing. I need a miracle.

Is it disrespectful to God to ask for it when the Bible tells me I am to simply trust him? I know I am supposed to believe that God can do all things and in all things I am to trust Him. I do trust God. However at the risk of being wrong I am going to ask for the miracle that I so desperately need. Isn’t there also a passage in the bible that says ask and if you believe you will receive it?

I can hear naysayers now. “You are strong and should do for yourself. Keep working and you can do anything you set you mind too. I thought you were happy.”

I am happy and I am tired. I am tired of working toward that thing that never comes. I am tired of needing and it not coming. I am tired of living one second from disaster and I am tired scrapping by on pennies.

I need that miracle and I am calling you out on it, God, the provider of all things. I need you to show up. I need you to fix the thing that is broken. I need you to provide for me and fill my needs like you promised in your words that you would do.

and I need it now.

~Lori O’Gara

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