Indecisiveness is Dishonest

Make a Choice and Stick With it

“landscape photography of splitted road surrounded with trees” by Oliver Roos on Unsplash

Why can’t you pick a side and stay there? Why is it that I can’t figure out what you stand for? One minute you are preaching to the sinners and the next you are flying with the witches. Chose your belief system and go with that. This back and forth the is making me dizzy. At least know where you stand and stay put.

It’s like talking to a person with two heads. One says yes and the other says no. What’s worse is when they both say well maybe. Come on! Do you believe in God or not? Do you want to be a Christian or not? Do you want to dance with the devil or not?

Your life is your own. I will not live it for you. It makes no difference to me how you chose to live it. For sanity’s sake choose a side. Get out of the middle of the road already or someone is going to take some new lukewarm watered down version of the truth and plow you down with it.

You are missing out on opportunities while you are standing there with one foot on either side of the asphalt. What are you afraid of? If you fail, so what at least you tried. Dust off the seat of your pants and try again. Don’t be afraid. You either succeed, or you learn. If you don’t try you never even have a chance to find out. Choose a side and run with it. All in or not at all.

Personally, it is driving me crazy to see and hear a person say they believe in one thing then shortly after they say they believe in the opposite of the thing. Then give it a little longer and their pendulum swings back the other way….Wait!…What?

Stop it.

There is a difference between believing in something, discovering you were wrong. I get that. Its the back and forth with no reason, no explanation, that is confusing. Now, guess what? I don’t trust you. We all have personal philosophies, beliefs, values, and opinions that differentiate us, that make us unique. It is when we swing like a pendulum on a clock that we become untrustworthy.

Choose your path and keep walking. Yeah, it may end up being the wrong path, but at least you made a decision. You will be respected. Your bravery for standing your ground will be noticed by those who matter.

Believe in making a decision and sticking to it.

~Lori O’Gara

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