Ready or Not

Make a plan, put it in action, now. What are you waiting for?

Page 63, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

It all starts with desire. The killer of our success and happiness is lack of action. It is not the desire to have more, do more or live more fully. I believe we all want the best life has to offer. We all want to have a life we can be happy living. If desire was all we needed we would all be rich and living the dream. Peace on earth would finally be a reality.

Napoleon Hill was on to something. He claimed that to have money you need to first have a desire, then a plan. I think that Hill’s strategy for gaining riches can also be employed to gain happiness.

A Dream is a wish without Action

What do you want out of life?

For some people, it is money, fame, family, or some other outside sign of success. For me, my dream was to write a book, so I wrote three. I still have that dream so I am working on book number four. I wanted to also publish that book. After many many rejections, I decided to self publish.

I had the dream to write and publish a book so I put the plan in action instead of waiting for some other entity to make my dream a reality.

Make a Dream List: I have big dreams of real things. I dream of my family and I living in a house large enough for us that is ours. I dream of visiting as many libraries as possible. I dream of enough money to buy anything without worry. I dream of romantic get-a-ways with my husband to write and be together. I could go on, but as it should be, my list would bore you, dear Reader. You have your own list of dreams that would not interest me. Dreams are personal. The plan to achieve them should also be personal.

Make a plan and Write it down: Do not just say you will save some money every month if you have a little left over after paying bills. Make a plan and stick to it. Pay savings first. Start small at first. Writing it down makes it real.

Eat the Elephant one bite at the time. I do not know who said that first but it is true. Take what you want to do, what you dream of doing and break it down to small bites. Don’t look at the big project, the large savings goal or the top of the ladder job. Look at the steps to get there and take them one at the time.

Look at what society says is normal and don’t always do that. Be a risk taker. Don’t always move in a linear motion, move in a zigzag to get to the goal. Sometimes you need to be different. Leave that power suit in the closet and dress uniquely. If everyone is singing the same song, sing a different tune. like what you like. People may hate you for not living the same as them, but deep down in their souls, they wish they had the courage to do it.

Decide on a Date to have the thing you most desire. Write it in ink. If you miss your mark, try again. Do not give up. Do not compromise. You deserve to be true to yourself.

Believe in the power of beginning.

~Lori O’Gara

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