Weird is Relative

Is it just me or have you noticed that what we used to say was someone’s weird quirk or just part of their personality is now a necrosis or a personality disorder? What happened to a person just being weird?

I think that the fuel behind this trend is the overuse of social media. Most of us have our faces buried in social media. We see and read drama in all forms. We see anger at ex-spouses, partners, and friends. Social media is passive aggression at its worst. We perceive emotions that are not really there. We see fake cries for help of sick people so often that when someone really needs prayers or help we disregard it as fiction. There are memes and inspirational quotes that tell us to be strong, that we are enough, that our anxiety is not who we are and other meme quotes that tell us how to feel. Do the people making these memes know you?

If you look long and hard enough you will discover that you can convince yourself that you have some sort of mental issue or weirdness.

Maybe you get worried a little too much at certain things that others post. You don’t have a home, family or go on vacations like that best friend so, your life must not be as happy. You can relate to every quote about anxiety so there for you must be anxious. Maybe you have too many action figures that are still nib (New In Box) and someone sent you a meme about collecting too many fandom toys, so you must have some sort of hoarding problem. Maybe your last lover said that you were distant and selfish, though you made that person’s meals, washed their laundry and cleaned the shared apartment on your one day off a week, so you must have commitment issues. Isn’t that what that last article you read about why relationships don’t work said in three hundred words or less that someone shared? What about that friend who commented on your profile picture and said your new hairstyle is pretty but aren’t you a little too old for purple hair?

Stop feeding your brain false information. Stop letting the fake world of social media tell you what is wrong about you. Social media is not real life. It isn’t even an acceptable substitute for real social interaction.

Be yourself. Whatever that is for you. Stop letting a nonexistent reality tell you who you are.

If you like to color your hair crazy colors while collecting all the Funko Pops from your favorite movie franchise, do that. If you like to kiss girls and you are a girl, do that. If you like to dance in the moonlight barefoot in your pajamas before you sleep, do that. If you like to wear gypsy skirts or genie pants, do that. Societal norms can be broken and changed. By being weird, you may actually help in creating an improved normal. The catch is it is your choice.

Most of us are weird in some way and most of us pretend not to be. We pretend to be normal, putting on airs to get by in a society that values normalcy. We then see confirmation of our weirdness not being acceptable every day when we look at social media.

Close the apps already.

Believe in the person you truly are, go out into the real world and make friends.

Believe in the real you.

~Lori O’Gara

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