Selfishness is Killing Us

I am a big advocate for unconditional love. I don’t care what you think about someone’s race, religion, economic status or politics. We, as a human race could end all the poverty and strife in the world if all look past what makes us different and look in to the soul of people.

I know, I hear the laughter now. I hear people calling me crazy and naive. World peace will never come to this planet, I hear you say. Realistically it could.

If the mind shift that turned people’s thoughts, desires and motivation inward to the self would turn again toward the Golden Rule or some version of it, peace could happen. It would be inevitable.

Do unto others as you want them to do to you. Put other people first in all things. If we were motivated to help others in all things, say we do not eat if others do not eat. We do not sleep if others do not have a bed. We do not get medicine if there is even one person in our town, village, city who has no medicine, how different life could be.

We are innately self concentric. We learn at an early age that the self is the center of the world. A toddler learns that he can snatch a toy and it becomes mine. Babies are not born with that self centered mindset, they learn it from the environment. From what they see and hear. As we age in this imperfect world our understanding of do unto others before they do unto me grows.

Whatever you want to call it, this evil, this opposite of peace, in this world as a force for bad. It is in us and around us. It is the easy road. It is easier to say, I am right. This of is all about me. Me first. It takes more energy, more effort to feed the stranger first. I have to be hungry for a few more minutes if I feed that person over there before I feed myself.

Self sacrifice is the answer to most of the world issues that we are chatting about on social media today. We humans need to stop blaming others for our problems and look at ourselves. The individual is responsible.

If individuals would love each person they come in contact with, give that person what they need, the world would begin to look different. We expect the government or the infamous “they” to do something to rid the world of the evil that is killing our children, destroying our planet and making life hard for us. They answer is inside each and everyone of us. All we have to do is look for it and follow the rule.

Believe in the power of selfless love.

~Lori O’Gara

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