We are all a fabrication.

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

Even if we try to get down to the bare bones of who we are in our souls, we are still just pieces and parts of different elements. We are made of our fears, desires, words around us our entire lives, our perceptions about reality and our experiences.

Our fears shape what we do. If we are scared to do a thing, even a good thing that will improve us in some way, and we hesitate to do it that changes us. Also, if we are scared as hell to do a thing and we do it anyway that empowers us.

Our desires and fears are connected. If we desire a thing and we fear going after it. The unfulfilled want forms us. If we take that desire and let it motivate us, we morph again.

The words we hear make us. Not just the words slammed at us that tell our consciousness what the world thinks of us but what we hear and read that twist and turn in our brains and form what we think we should be and should be doing as a productive adult in society. If we take that and filter it through out common sense, we form into our true self. If we let it bombard us we conform to become sheep.

Experiences teach us who we can trust, who loves us and who wants us happy. It also tells us who is not for us. Most of the people who do us wrong do not hate us. They just want us out of the way so they can survive and succeed in their life. People will use you to get what they want and if hurting us gets them their desires met, then we will be a casualty of their fabrication.

All of these things, shape and form who we are. We learn how to survive in the world. We are a fabrication of what we think, feel and know.

Dose this mean we have no choice to our resulted fabrication?

No. How we react to fear is our choice. If we are brave we choose it. If we go after that desired thing, it is our choice. If we listen, read the words and how we absorb them is our choice. How we react to the perceptions we have and the experiences we learn from is our choice.

We are all fabrications of our own making.

~Lori O’Gara

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