What is Prayer?

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

I have been thinking about prayer. I say things to people I know like, “I will pray for you.” or “Prayers ascending.” Most of the time, almost all the time, I stop right then and say a prayer for that person in my head and heart. If the timing is right and depending on the person I pray with them. I feel that it is better to pray right then instead of waiting. People have different prayer rituals. We commit to do something intimate for others, we promise to take their name to our God in prayer. We should just do it.

Prayer is a conversation between your heart and the heart of God. It is a connection of your spirit to His. You don’t have to do anything but acknowledged He is there and He knows what is in your heart.

Praying for others is like an offering to God. You place others first in your heart and mind before your own needs. “Love thy neighbor as yourself” in a whole new way. Love them by giving them to God. This is a powerful act. Especially when that person isn’t interested in God or you telling them they should pray. “You should pray about it.” No thank you they may say, so you pray for them anyway.

I think we will be surprised when we see how exactly important prayer is in the kingdom of God. I am certain that it is the faithful prayers known and unknown that give power to the Christian spirit.

~Lori O’Gara

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