Open Mic at the Cafe’

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

“Excuse me”, the writer says as she steps up on a wooden soapbox and taps the microphone. “I have something to say.” Clearing her throat, she begins to speak her peace:

“It really kills me when people who cannot talk to others face to face use the computer to voice their opinions. If you can type it, write it, or spell it then you can damn sure say it.

Why hide behind the electronic curtain? (Pay no attention to the woman behind the keyboard, but do read what she types).

PLEASE…the anonymity is a joke. Do you think that by writing what you feel or think that the person reading it will have less of a blow to their feelings?

Maybe it is easier for you be honest by saying it on screen rather than directly to person with whom you want to share your feelings? Do us all a favor, if you have something to say to someone, have the audacity to say it to his or her face or at least call him or her and let him or her hear your voice.

Sure, I write, that is what I do, but if I need to tell someone whom I love something that is important to him, her, or me I tell him or her. I do not go the chicken’s way out and write it on a blog, in an email or in a posting where everyone can read it. It is true that the pen, or keyboard, is mightier than the sword, but when it comes to telling your loved ones what you feel just say it to that person.

Besides, using your voice is a more effective way to communicate feelings good or bad. Give yourself the dignity of speaking your mind, not hiding behind the computer. Trust me, they may not like what you have to say, but they will respect your courage to say it aloud.”

As the writer calmly steps down off the soapbox and away from the microphone, she notices the tears in the eyes of the woman sitting at the café table closing the laptop on which she had been typing a message to her daughter. The woman stands and says loud enough for everyone nearby to hear, “Thank you”.

The writer just nods and walks away.

~Lori O’Gara

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