The Prince Charming Myth

Photo by Paweł Furman on Unsplash

Why is it that wives/girlfriends expect their husbands/boyfriends to be like Prince Charming? Romantic, gallant and faultless. Instead of comparing him to some unrealistic standard appreciate your man for who he really is. If he likes to play video games instead of sweet talking you into a kiss, don’t nag him to spend time with you. Just wait. If he loves you he will not neglect you. That’s who he is and who you fell in love with, right? Do you really want him to be someone he is not? Then you are with the wrong guy. Don’t criticize him for not being who you want him to be. He’s his own person. Love and accept him for who he is. You will find in return he will give you what you need while letting you be your own person too.

Nobody can magically make your life happily ever after. No matter who you marry or choose to share your life with, your life is not going to be perfect, and your relationship/marriage is going to take effort. If you truly love him and he truly loves you, it won’t seem like work. You will both want to do what it takes to make it.

If you discover that your prince is taking you for granted and not giving you what you need, tell him. If there are things you’d like your man to do, ask him. Contrary to what the movies want you to think, men are not perfect and they can’t read your mind. But remember that your happiness is ultimately up to you.

You’re the one in control of your life, and you’re the one who has responsibility for your happiness. Make the changes you need to make to be happier. If your man truly loves you, he will make changes too. Not because you nagged him into it, but because he loves you and your happiness is important to him too.

~Lori O’Gara

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